Edelman’s Tips for New PR Pros


As graduation is pending, many seniors are looking forward to starting a new chapter in their careers. As new PR practitioners we must set a high standard for ourselves and for any origination we join. I thought I’d share a few tips I found on the Edelman website to help start your career on a high note.


1. They first suggest being a sponge, take in all the information about the industry and world that you can. Stay curious, this is where I believe the journalism and PR industries collide. We must be nosey and keep up with industry trends. I suggest read up on as many PR, social media, advertising, marketing, and world news websites and blogs as you can.

2. The devil’s in the details. Attention to details communicates excellence. We must double, triple, and quadruple check all of our work. Edelman suggests that those who are pays most attention to details become the go-to person during important projects – and we all want to be that person.

3. Writing is key! It’s probably the most important skill that you will need in PR. PR professionals have a special task to learn how to write for different clients under difficult circumstances. Work quickly but efficiently. It is important to get your work done in a timely manner, but it’s also important not to be sloppy. To accomplish this skill, a solid writing foundation needs to be built. Every company or PR firm has a different writing style and it’s important to be flexible to every situation.

4. We all make mistakes, they happen everyday, but as we make those mistakes we must learn to take responsibility and move forward. Dodging responsibility will only hurt your development as a professional and business in general. Edelman suggests that the most valuable lessons are made when mistakes are made.

5. Learning new techniques to expand your expertise is important for your development as a practitioner and for your clients. Finding new ways to stretch yourself and learn new techniques will make you more attractive to potential clients and employers. Push yourself to try something new. This is the time to figure out your strengths and weaknesses, and you will never do so if you’re too nervous and scared to even try. It’s okay to ask questions. There are people all around you willing to help and show you the way.

It’s always nerve-racking starting a new chapter in your life. Hopefully these suggestions will help on your journey to a successful public relations career.

Summary by: Chelsea Waddell, Account Coordinator
Chelsea, a senior, is an account executive for NinerNation Relations. She hopes to go into entertainment PR upon graduation in December. If you want to see more of Chelsea you can follow her Twitter page, @_allaboutchels and connect with her on LinkedIn.




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