Position Spotlight: PR Specialist


Hello, my name is Jordan Morris and I am the PR Specialist at NinerNation Relations. As the specialist it is my job to help coordinate with the two Account Managers to help make their jobs easier. Mostly, I have been asked to handle the graphics and visual aspects of their two accounts. Some of my work includes the Niner Nation Relations company logo, the letter heads that is visible on top of any news release, as well as other projects that will be coming out soon such as the new Undergraduate Research Conference logo that will be unveiled before their conference at UNC Charlotte this fall.

In this blog post I will reveal a few secrets to mastering image editing software. Now if you have never played around with Adobe Photoshop or any other form of image editing software, don’t be afraid it is really not that hard.

In today’s technological world, any tutorial from “How to tie a tie” to “How to parallel park” can be found very easily using YouTube or Google. Still to this day if I do not know how to do something on Adobe Photoshop, I can quickly figure it out using either of those two sites (mainly Google…I’m not sure why). Between those two sites you can quickly get your feet wet in image editing.


Once you have gotten the basic background of the software, I have always found it easiest if I just play around with the software for a few hours. Yes a few hours does sound like a long time sitting in front of a computer, but believe me when you’re sitting there having fun editing your Facebook pictures or designing logos, the time flies by.

There has been countless number of times that I have been working on a project and thought “Man this would look so much better with a drop shadow or a better outline.” and not been able to do it. To learn how to do something like that I would go through every drop down window and every toolbar until I found the option. Or if that didn’t work then I would resort back to step one and search Google. There’s always an easy to read step-by-step process to doing what you are looking for.

The latter step is by far the best way to familiarize you with something such as Adobe Photoshop. Being a hands-on learner, I have always found it easiest to play around with a program until I figured it out. I never had training in Adobe Photoshop but still surprise companies with my work I am able to accomplish. This is why I think through perseverance and time you can master any form of image editing software.



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