When to Speak and When to be Silent

Image courtesy of Apple
Image courtesy of Apple

Is the silent approach always the best approach? The question that a lot of PR professionals are asking the Apple PR team right now, yields are very interesting answer. According to an article on, PR Week, A German technology magazine has recently began to complain about Apples PR team allegedly not responding to them after they posted a video of the new IPhone 6 bending. Most of us have heard the recent rumors of the IPhone 6 bending in consumers’ pockets; well they seem to be true. Computer Bild Magazine now claims that Apple’s German press team refuses to send them any more testing devices or invites to official events after they released a video that received about 200,000 views, showing the editor of the magazine bending an iPhone 6.

As people living in the 21st century, we are mostly aware of the websites that test the products that we one day hope to purchase. As consumers we go on these websites to make sure what we are buying is worth the money and to see if it is what we really want. There is very little that could have been said by Apple, after ending their relationship with this digital magazine and not saying anything back to them after the magazine’s editor publically sought an explanation for the reason of the cease of relationship. Even though they posted a negative video about the product, this digital magazine does, also test the products for the public and post positive as well as the necessary negative reviews and comments about all products that are hot in the market. It was only after the public complained about the bending that the magazine actually tested the product for bending and received conclusive results. For Apple to get that upset to, sever a relationship because of a bad review is not a very good PR move. Like people always say, it is not good to burn bridges.

Summary by:  Megan Patterson, Account Coordinator
Megan Patterson is a senior at UNC Charlotte graduating in December. She plans to venture off into the event planning field after graduation.





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