Know How to Use Social Media for Your Professional Development

With social media slowly taking over our lives it is important we represent ourselves to our best abilities on all aspects of social media. Have you ever wondered how to represent yourself professionally on social media and a resume? Look no further than these five tips:

  • Create a QR code. This is a great way to hand out your resume or personal website on your business card. A QR code makes it easy for anyone, including an employer, to learn more about you on the go.
  • Make use of Facebook. You can create a Facebook page for your resume for employers to ‘like’ and view. This would be useful when employers are searching for you on social media sites, they can see you are trying to be more professional and appealing. It also adds to your accreditation for being able to use social media pass the basic everyday uses
  • Video resumes. Step out of the box and post on YouTube! A video will be able to show an employer who you really are past a piece of paper within a stack of more papers. You will be able to stand out and show that you have taken the time to present yourself in a higher manner.
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  • Make a website. A website will enable you to show all aspects of yourself. It allows you to post your social media sites, blog posts, resume etc. A webpage, again, goes beyond a paper resume and shows employers who you really are and continues to show that you care about standing out when it comes to finding a job.
  • Creative resume. Beyond a normal resume you can add an unique style such as highlighting recommendations from those who think fondly of you. This will allow employers to see what your recommenders are really saying without actually having to reach out to them. Also, you can add a splash of color to your resume or stray away from the normal format. For your resume, you can add columns or blocks to add more information in a creative way.
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Image courtesy of Mashable.

These are the top five tips I think are most important when putting your resume on social media. With these suggestions you will be able to further yourself on social media as well as the job market. Remember to not be afraid to be creative and step outside of the box, you never know where it may take you for your future endeavors!

For more tips and suggestions on how you can further your career on social media you can look on Mashable.

Written by Courtney Palazzo, Account Manager.
Courtney Palazzo is a senior graduating in December. Courtney formerly served as secretary of PRSSA. She plans to move to Washington, DC to work in health PR.



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