Differences Between Public Relations and Marketing


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Most people believe that public relations and marketing are one in the same. But before venturing into public relations, it’s important to understand the difference between the two. While public relations and marketing are interested in brand development, they both have distinct goals to maximizing the development of a brand. PR News published a great article on public relations versus marketing. The following is a summary of the points of interest:

Public relations is all about building and maintaining relationships. It focuses on the relationships of the publics of an organization and uses two-way communication to evaluate its strategies. PR is public oriented and evaluates the public’s attitudes towards an organization. PR also uses the media to improve brand awareness. It is important in PR to develop a population around a product and to understand how the world sees your product or organization. PR is focused on both the attitudes/behaviors and the statistics of the public’s opinion. PR also focuses on the execution of strategies.

On the other hand, marketing focuses on the product and the sales responses of the product. It uses persuasive and content-oriented messages. Marketing tends to use one-way communication and is sales oriented. Marketing is intrigued with the selling of a product. The focus is more geared towards sales numbers instead of attitudes and behaviors. Marketing is intrigued with the developing a brand strategy.

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Public relations and marketing are usually confused to be the same. As a PR professional, it’s important to educate others on the difference between the two. Neither is wrong on how it develops a brand, but working in either career will be a different experience from the latter.

Summary by Nathalie Lopez, Account Coordinator.
Nathalie is graduating in December and is ready to see the world while developing a public relations career in Charlotte, NC.  Connect with her on LinkedIn and follow her on Twitter (@natlopez23) or follow her blog.




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