Tech PR and the San Francisco Bay Area

Fall break is not really a break. Two days are not enough to go on a proper R&R vacation. Somehow between midterms, school projects and work schedules rapidly colliding at this one point in time, I made it work! For five great days, I found myself on the west coast.


Picture of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Most people decide to visit family or go to the mountain or the beach for fall break. Generally folks travel no more than four hours away from campus. Instead I decide to go to the other side of the country! It was the best vacation I had in a long time. When school and work take over, vacations are hard to come by.

So, I went to San Francisco to visit my cousin and see the city that I might be living in after graduation. The job hunt is taking me out west, and I’m not complaining. While I was there I didn’t do too many touristy things, instead I experienced the city like I was already a resident there. I ate, walked around the city, went to a bluegrass festival and ate some more.

As I learned the city I also learned that PR is big there, specifically technology PR or tech PR. So what is tech PR? Tech PR is simply public relations within the technology market. Ogilvy PR (hyperlink: describes the technology market as “a creature of rapid change, but now the media and influencer environment surrounding that market finds itself mirroring that same rate of change and evolution.


As this world to more technological advance, the technology markets need marketers and PR professionals who understand their market and tech. With major tech companies in San Francisco, like Facebook and Google, tech PR is becoming more prevalent. Cities like San Francisco and New York are becoming the home base for the tech PR agencies and professionals.

PR professionals in the technology market can help the tech companies with: reputation management, consumer marketing, CSR, environment communications and much more. Like how Edelman (hyperlink: states tech PR “has seen a radical transformation over the past decade, reflecting the extraordinary impact of technological development on business, society and communications.


What does this mean for the PR professional within the industry? With the tech industries moving fast, we will move faster. It is expected that we stay ahead of the trends and be relevant. We are moving more to social media and mobile communications in order to engaged the people. I’m excited to see how PR is going to be different in the next five years. Hopefully I get to experience that shift while I’m living on the west coast.


Written by Justin Taylor, Account Manager.
Justin Taylor is a senior at UNC Charlotte. He is currently a Manager and Marketing Team Member for Chick-fil-A. As an NNR account manager, he is responsible for managing multiple accounts, and developing and maintaining relationships with clients. Follow him on Twitter: @justintayl0r.


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