Building and Sustaining Client Agency Partnerships

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Client partnerships are essential when building and sustaining your public relations career. The first agency-client meeting creates a perfect opportunity for both parties to establish a culture between the two. Once you establish a good fit then the relationship begins. Make it your business to know your clients, their values and beliefs, and it’s competition. You also need to study past documents to understand the voice of the organization and how they like their material written, or if that needs to be changed.

Adopting your clients’ communication channels instead of forcing them to use yours helps build understanding and reinforce that you are an extension of them.

It’s very important that your client can reach you any time of day or night. Having face-to-face meetings regularly to go over activities, themes, messages, or just to check-in can save time in the future. Important messages or points can often get lost over email. Multiple contact numbers or email is essential in gaining trust in this relationship. Your relationships should be thought as partnerships, so the scope of works should be general giving you the flexibility to serve without worrying about if it id out of your range.

Public relations professionals should think of themselves as connectors and should apply that skill to their clients. Clients will truly appreciate when you give them access to your network.

Keep and open mind and go with the flow. Client-agency partnership can only be successful of both partners work together to achieve a common goal.

Written by Chelsea Waddell, Account Coordinator.
Upon graduation in December, Chelsea hopes to find employment at a public relations agency or in entertainment PR. If you want to see more of Chelsea you can follow her Twitter page, @_allaboutchels and connect with her on LinkedIn.


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