An Ode to College

As a graduating senior with only a few weeks left of my collegiate career, I decided to take a moment to reflect on the college experience, and why it should not be overlooked as a crucial milestone in any person’s life.

College is mainly about obtaining a higher form of education and making you look as appealing as possible to future employers, but it is also about learning how to step out of your comfort zone and blossom as a person. Colleges understand this and will put incoming freshmen in closely compacted dorms allowing these new students to meet others like them and learn how to live away from the comfort zone of their hometowns. By forcing college students to live in these undesirable living conditions it helps students build lasting friendships. I never personally lived in a dorm, but instead started my collegiate life living with my brother in an apartment. I never understood college life, and didn’t grow socially as a person by doing this. It eventually hit me during my junior year that I wasn’t growing socially and I needed to explore the college lifestyle more. That was when I decided to join Greek life, which ultimately replaced the social skills I would’ve obtained by living on campus.

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Jordan is graduating from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte on December 13th.

One the only regrets of my college career is not getting out and doing more on campus. As a senior I understand how being active on campus is important, which I never did early in my college career. Lately I have been attending philanthropy events for my fraternity, sporting events showing school pride and even hanging out on campus when I’m not studying or in class. I have found my college experience has increased substantially just by being around campus more and connecting with my school that I so proudly represent.

By becoming more a part of college lifestyle I have found my college experience has made my time at school extremely better. Meeting new people, whether it’s through student housing or joining Greek life, and being active on campus has helped me grow as an individual while I also gained my education. This is why I believe every student should follow these two steps when they decide to leave their comfort zone of their hometown and come to college. I can promise incoming students will not regret becoming a part of their schools college life, and by the time they’re in my shoes, they will feel their time spent in college was the best time of their lives.

Written by Jordan Morris, PR Specialist.
Jordan Morris is a senior at UNC Charlotte with hopes of venturing into sports public relations upon graduation in December of 2014.

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