My Experience at NinerNation Relations


I have always been a fan of joining a start-up, business, program, or organization. It has always been somewhat of a challenge for me to push myself to be as creative as I can. There is a huge difference in continuing on, what someone has already thought up and started, than starting something from the ground up. When I first received the Facebook message letting everyone know that there would be a student ran PR firm this year, I was elated. Now, although I am a PR major, I don’t necessarily have a passion for the field but I am very interested, as I stated earlier, in helping with a start-up. After submitting all the necessary documentation to be selected for the firm, I was finally selected and was ready to begin with a new project.

On our first meeting none of us really knew what we were getting ourselves into, I don’t think that any of us were looking forward to the amount of work it takes when working with a start-up. This semester NinerNation Relations had two main clients; ourselves, and the Undergraduate Research Conference. I was chosen to work with the Undergraduate Research Conference. At first I thought to myself, “Yes, an event this is my expertise,” seeing that I want to work in event planning upon graduation. Although excited, reality soon set in. The Undergraduate Research Conference isn’t like any other event that I have planned before, the event to say the least has a very strict background that doesn’t cause for a lot of wiggle room for new creative ideas. The goal of my group, (those who were also working on the Research Conference), was to find new marketing strategies to make this event fresh and exciting as far as promotion, the URC wanted to have the same guidelines to the conference but they wanted to spice it up a bit. It was our job to do that for them I had several different tasks that involved extensive research on different marketing strategies to make a rather “boring” event exciting and fun. Within the research I conducted I found several fresh ideas that will be implemented next semester as we grow closer to the actual event.

My time in the NinerNation Relations student ran PR firm was educational and at the same time gave me some real world experience on what clients will want in the actual PR sector. I am still a huge events planning fan, but I must say that this firm shed a new light on what PR actually is and the things that I would actually be doing if I were to pursue a career in PR. Outside of actual work I thought the idea of having blog posts and workshops once a month was a good idea as well. I’m not really a strong writer but I do enjoy a challenge so writing blogs was new and very interesting for me. I know that there will be great things to come of this class in the future and many will learn as much as I have if not more. Fall 2014 set the bar, it is now up to the semesters to come to hit the bar and knock it over. Go NinerNation Relations!


Post by Megan Patterson, 2014 Account Coordinator
Megan Patterson is a senior at UNC Charlotte graduating in December. She plans to venture off into the event planning field after graduation.


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