Public Relations and Why You Need it

In today’s digital world, the need for public relations professionals is at an all-time high. Effective communication can be the key to taking your business to the next level. It is vital to yourself as well as your company that you have invested in quality PR. As expert communicators, PR professionals are equipped with the tools necessary to deliver key messages to your desired audience. It is important to note that your social media effort will be a waste of time if your intended audience is not attending to your message. Public Relations also play a major role in maintaining you and your company’s reputation. Reputation is something that companies work hard to keep in a positive light and since PR professionals know the importance of two-way communication, they know the steps that need to be taken in order to achieve the company’s goal. If you want to be successful, it’s also important that you are prepared for crisis. Crises can occur when we least expect them, but with a PR team readily available those crises can be solved before you or the image of your company is ever tainted.

The Public Relations Society of America defines the management of public relations as:

  • Anticipating, analyzing and interpreting public opinion, attitudes and issues that might impact, for good or ill, the operations and plans of the organization.
  • Counseling management at all levels in the organization with regard to policy decisions, courses of action and communication, taking into account their public ramifications and the organization’s social or citizenship responsibilities.
  • Researching, conducting and evaluating, on a continuing basis, programs of action and communication to achieve the informed public understanding necessary to the success of an organization’s aims. These may include marketing; financial; fund raising; employee, community or government relations; and other programs.
  • Planning and implementing the organization’s efforts to influence or change public policy. Setting objectives, planning, budgeting, recruiting and training staff, developing facilities — in short, managing the resources needed to perform all of the above.

From this definition, it is obvious why public relations professionals are needed. Companies and individuals wanting to enhance or build their reputations through the media hire an agency or a PR practitioner to formulate key messages and turn them into positive media stories. The hired PR agency or practitioner can also take negative coverage and turn into a favorable story for the individual or company. Public Relations is a profession that has been helpful to companies for many years and will continue to help business flourish for years to come.

10463883_10203168810892766_1647003029750752444_nDominique Yost, Spring 2015 Account Coordinator

Dominique Yost is currently a senior studying Communication Studies with a concentration in Public Relations. She has had previous PR experience as a marketing/media coordinator for Lain consulting, a small firm based here in Charlotte, and TheLilaRoseProject, an image consultant group. She is currently a member of NinerNation Relations where she is an Account Coordinator. Her skills include social media management, marketing, leadership, and web design.


NNR at the Georgia Real World Conference

NinerNation Relations was front and center at the Georgia Real World Conference in Atlanta this past Friday.  We were in company of our fellow PRSSA members who not only attended the conference but were active participants. We began our day with a delightful breakfast while PRSA Georgia President, Stephen Brown spoke to us about creating our personal brand and how to network a room. With an alarming (pun intended) end to our opening session our members were off to explore three breakout sessions from experts in the PR field from Edelman, Carvel, Porter Novelli and more.

We took on the PR Real World Conference as young professionals preparing to enter the field. After the last breakout session we gathered in the grand ballroom to eat a delicious lunch while listening to the amazing and inspirational story of Cinnabon’s President, Kat Cole. Her words were incredibly motivational and that was a perfect way to end the sessions.
Conferences are a wonderful way to get to know other members in the field from all across the country. As public relations practitioners, our job is to create and maintain relationships and what better way than taking one of the first steps: registering for a conference. And for our UNC Charlotte members, the Real World Conference is an easy 3 hour drive, so there should be no excuse.

Atlanta will also house the 2015 PRSSA National Conference, as well as the PRSA International Conference. PRSSA members are encouraged to attend this amazing opportunity and for those graduating in May, the International Conference will be right around the corner. More information can be found at the following National PRSSA or National PRSA websites: