Public Speaking Tips

When it comes to communication there are many things that have a factor in how the subject being discussed can be portrayed. It has to deal with how the speaker is communicating to the audience. If the audience is a judgmental audience then the speaker will be careful to what is being said.

The speaker needs to be honest about his or her subject they are discussing. Dishonesty can be seen through non-verbal communication, non-verbal communication is 75% of speaking.

A speaker seems more authentic when they speak about subjects that are important to them or personal. When a speaker is communicating about a personal subject adding in examples from their own life, it makes the speaker seem more authentic all together.

Creating good speaking habits is a way to enhance your competence when speaking. One way to enhance your competence is doing away with verbal fillers, reducing unnecessary hand gestures, and maintaining good eye contact with your audience.

When speaking in public about certain emotional and political concepts, the speaker needs to do away with his or her own biasness. Dogmatism is when a person confuses his or her own opinions with facts. This will make a speaker seem less knowledgeable about the subject they are trying to enlighten others about.

When addressing an audience in public, a speaker needs to shy away from negativity. Negatively speaking often gives the audience an unsettling view of the speaker, which in turns prompts the audience to pay less attention to the speaker.

On the positive side of public speaking, reducing uncertainty and having clear goals of the conversation is a great way to ensure and understanding audience.

On subjects of persuading people to be active in certain matters, having integrity is an important part; leading by example is a way to confirm to the audience of your own integrity.

Also, maintaining a specific pace and order is a strong tool to use when communicating publicly. Using a pyramid like way of ordering information is a useful way to ensure that the important information is presented first. Presenting the information from most to least important or specific to general is one way to use a pyramid like theory of ordering information.

Making sure the speech covers the information and is presented in an interesting way is something to keep in mind to keep the audience’s interest. When using some of these methods that have been discussed the speaker can enhance their public speaking capabilities.

97cd81_23464d2fe70545ef9e4e8ed31d10dbd8.jpg_srz_p_134_135_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srzWyatt Goodman, Spring 2015 Account Coordinator

Wyatt Goodwin is an Account Coordinator for NinerNation Relations. His internships were marketing and public relations, and he is currently a graduating senior in the Communication Public Relations field. Previous public relations work includes UNCC Confessions and recruitment work for Ameripark. His skills include social media management and public speaking.